Athletic Rehabilitation

Sports rehabilitation is a different form of treatment process for injured or weak athletes of all ages suffering from any sports injury. This program helps in speedy recovery, reduces pain, promotes movement of the stiffed muscles in injured site, restores normal function of the injured site, and prevents recurring damage to the injured tissue. Rehabilitation team consists of physical therapists, orthopedic doctors, athletic trainers, and massage therapists.

Some of the common sports injuries are tennis elbow, ankle sprain, strain, fractures, herniated disc, knee injuries, Achilles tendon, dislocation, tarsal tunnel syndrome. These injuries occur from various sports such as golf, football, basketball, running, tennis.

Rehabilitation program is recommended for people who cannot resume sports activities followed by sports injury. The rehab team works on various physical activities and flexibility exercises that help to regain the strength and motion of the injured site.

The common treatment that provides relief from pain is treatment with RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation). RICE is used for acute injuries such as sprains, strains, bruises, and contusions. Crutches or splits are used to as immobilizers to provide support and prevent movement of the injured joints. Medicines such as ibuprofen are used to relieve pain.

The advantages of the rehabilitation program include

  • Stretching and bending exercises to improve flexibility of the injured site
  • Massage techniques – Massage releases the tension of the muscles and improves the blood flow in the injury site
  • Restores the functions and movements of the broken or injured joints
  • Corrects biomechanical dysfunction – Running shoes are recommended for foot injury people. These shoes have a harder material inside of the sole which prevents the foot from rolling in.


The ways that can prevent sports injuries

  • Gradually increase the time and intensity on exercises
  • Exercise and walking regularly
  • Choose correct footwear
  • Do not work on empty stomach and drink plenty of water before workout
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